Urban Attitude's 2022 Bearbrick Pre-Order Rundown

Bearbrick Pre-Order Melbourne

What is a Bearbrick Pre-Order?

A Pre-Order item is something you can purchase BEFORE it is actually available. Urban Attitude offers Pre-Orders for limited edition products so that we can ensure our customers get access to the latest releases; especially with Bearbrick, Mighty Jaxx and Super7.

As Bearbricks are the world's most collectible toys, the demand for them are often higher than what is available. Bearbricks often go up in value when they are officially released, which is why getting in early with a Pre-Order is the best way to secure an item at the best price. 

The Bearbrick Pre-Order List You Need:
There are over ONE HUNDRED new styles of Bearbricks coming to UA in 2022. This list is constantly updating, but as of January 2022 the following items are what we have coming in-store.

Bearbrick Pre-Orders: ETA EARLY 2022 

Bearbrick Pre-Orders

Bearbrick Pre-Orders: ETA MID 2022 

Bearbrick Pre-Order Urban Attitude

Bearbrick Pre-Orders: ETA LATE 2022

Bearbrick pre-orders Australia

There you have it; 2022 is off to a stellar start with Bearbrick igniting our creative dreams once again! Subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on the socials to keep up to date on what we have in-store and what's coming on the horizon.