Bearbrick 100% & 400% Set Jackson Pollock Version 2 urban attitude

Bearbrick 100% & 400% Set Jackson Pollock Version 2

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Be@rbrick was first released in 2001 by Medicom Toy in Tokyo, Japan, and is now one of the most collected designer toys in the world. 

Known for his significance in the abstract expressionist movement and that instantly recognizable drip painting style, Jackson Pollock is among the best-known names in the art world, and now fans and collectors can see him in an entirely new way! The timeless and hugely impactful style of Jackson Pollock has been given a modern twist for this entry in the BE@RBRICK line from Medicom Toy: the Jackson Pollock. Ver. 2.0. Pollock’s iconic art is featured on the pre-painted and articulated bear-shaped BE@RBRICK figure in addition to his signature in white on the back, and the gorgeous colours will make this stand out on any desk or shelf.

Measurements: 100% - 7cm / 400% - 28cm

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