What Has Mr Potato Head Been Up To?

What Has Mr Potato Head Been Up To?

Last year it was announced that "Mr Potato Head goes gender neutral as Hasbro drops mister from brand name". The company offered public recognition that the toy is a potato and doesn't need a title. The brand name and logo will change to Potato head while the characters of Mr and Mrs Potato Head will live on!


Mr Potato Head Fast Facts (thanks to Idaho Potato Museum):

  • Mr Potato Head was introduced to the world May 1, 1952.
  • The original Mr Potato Head set only came with the accessories so that people could put them in regular potatoes at home
  • Mr Potato Head was the first toy to ever be advertised on TV.
  • In the 1960s the company created the plastic potato body to sell with sets, because people were complaining about rotting vegetables
  • Mr Potato Head became a movie star in 1995 after starring in Toy Story


Pictured: Mighty Jaxx 4D XXRAY Mr Potato Head


Mighty Jaxx 4D XXRAY Mr Potato Head

Mighty Jaxx 4D XXRAY Mr Potato Head

What is Mighty Jaxx 4D XXRAY Mr Potato Head?

The artist Jason Freeny is well known for his 'anatomical character schematics and illustrations' (Mighty Jaxx Website). Jason Freeny ignites your imagination and challenges your perspectives of how popular, fictional characters are portrayed.

With the Mighty Jaxx 4D XXRAY Mr Potato Head, you not only have the ability to put the classic Mr Potato Head together, you also have the ability to assemble and disassemble the bones and organs of your favourite character quickly, its great fun with your art collectible! 

The 4D XXRAY series gives you the chance to interact with your collectibles like never before.


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