Unmasking The Mysterious Blind Box And Introducing The Unblind Box

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The magic of a blind box is the feeling of surprise you get when you open the package and discover what's inside. Whether you are an avid collector who aims to acquire the whole set or a one time buyer who wants to enjoy a small treasure, the alluring call to unbox this treat is hard to ignore.

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Blind Box Fun Facts

  • Blind boxes within a series are priced the same, but once you open them the value changes. 
  • Bearbrick (or Be@rbrick) by Medicom Toy shows a percentage of a specific design on the side of a box, how accurate are these percentages? Last year, we filmed an unboxing of an entire case and did the maths ourselves! Check it out here.


Introducing the UNBLIND Box

We've been asked endlessly in our St Kilda store if we could offer a sneak peak into 'what's in the box'. We've listened, and now we're offering the 'Unblind Box' as an in-store only opportunity to skip the unboxing step and get the item you want packaged especially. Our goal is to offer a unique experience reminiscent of Nakano Broadway in Tokyo, Japan where your walk is brightened with collectible figures to browse.

This rare opportunity is limited to what we have available in-store only.

If you can't make it to our St Kilda store, give yourself the dopamine hit with a little surprise from one of our many blind box series.

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What Blind Boxes do you have?

Well, I'm so glad you asked! Have a gander at the fun and ADORABLE collection of blind boxes we have available from these brands:

Have you recently gotten a blind box? We're addicted to unboxing videos, please tag us (@urban_attitude on Instagram and @urbanatt on Facebook)! We love to see the adorable blind box figurines in the wild.

Or come and select you're own figure in all it's 'unblind' glory at our St Kilda store (152 Acland Street, St Kilda).

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