Mighty Jaxx Michael "Murder" Mouse By Junk Yard

Mighty Jaxx Michael

Something we absolutely adore at UA is the combination of pop culture and art; and we're not afraid of the figures that add in a touch of the macabre and scary. Especially when the scary is pretty damn cute.

Michael "Murder" Mouse combines beloved characters across genres created by the South African born artist Junk Yard. Working out of LA Junk Yard's work is described as "bold, gritty, and unapologetic, his work takes on iconic imagery and shows the viewer what’s hiding just beneath the surface".

Mighty Jaxx Michael "Murder" Mouse By Junk Yard Urban Attitude

Mighty Jaxx Michael "Murder" Mouse By Junk Yard

Imagine you come home and Michael "Murder" Mouse is waiting to greet you. His gorgeous cheeks look extra chubby as he offers you a massive grin. He is excited to see you! But why? What's behind those cold dead eyes? And what has he got in his hands? How did he reach the cutlery draw? You're not even mad, you're impressed! 

He's not just any evil, murder mouse. He's YOUR evil murder mouse.

animated giph Mighty Jaxx Michael "Murder" Mouse By Junk Yard

Product Details:

  • 8" (20.3cm) Vinyl + Polystone Art Collectible
  • Limited Edition of 200
  • Artist - JUNK YARD
  • Limited edition, free shipping & discount codes do not apply
  • Prototype shown, final product may vary

Adorable and devious, say hello to Michael "Murder" Mouse!

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