Introducing B. Smiley!

Mighty Jaxx B Smiley 50th Anniversary Edition Mr A Andre

Over the past 50 years, the Smiley face has grown to become a quintessential symbol representing positivity and the unfailing belief in a brighter future in street cultures across the globe! Mighty Jaxx are excited to introduce B. Smiley, the person embodying these values and putting them into action. Generous, enthusiastic, and (slightly) eccentric, B. Smiley has a genuine love for people and sees the value in all life. While they understand that the world is going through some tough times, they hope to balance it out in their own, small way—using their personal platform to spread the message of happiness.

An Exclusive 50th Anniversary Edition Design Mighty Jaxx bring B. Smiley to life with their own collectible! The figurine is dripped in clothes from the exclusive Smiley x André Saraiva collaboration. Part of the Smiley 50th anniversary celebrations, top graffiti artist André Saraiva reimagines his iconic character, Mr. A, in the style of the Smiley face. He injects the energetic, street-art-influenced style by superimposing Mr. A’s well-known “XO” eyes on Smiley. This limited-edition design unites the two global icons of happiness and positivity.

This exclusive collectible is ready to preorder today for a delivery date in early 2023. Click here for details and don't miss out on this slice of happiness!

 Mighty Jaxx B.Smiley 50th Anniversary Edition Poster