Suck UK Bottle Light Fibre Optic Urban Attitude

Suck UK Bottle Light Fibre Optic

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Suck UK is a design & development company that creates giftable objects, designed in-house & manufactured with care - it's been that way since 1999.

With 7 different colours to choose from, the iconic cork shaped bottle light, blended with super bright fibre optics, and USB rechargeable battery can brighten up any occasion. So whether you’re creating a colourful table decoration for your wedding, or a glistening decoration for all your group get togethers, this will definitely bring a sparkle to the evening.

Product Details:

  • Cork shaped bottle light blended with vibrant fibre optics
  • Twist through a cycle of 7 bright colour options
  • Recharges via USB in 1 hour
  • Runs for 3 hours when fully charged
  • Dimensions - 29 x 170 x 29mm | 11g

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