Dreamfarm Oni Knife Mixed Colours

Dreamfarm Oni Knife Mixed Colours

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Oni is the everyday hero that does it all. Its unique blade features a razor sharp Santoku-style knife edge on one side and a rounded spreading edge on the other. Add to that a non-stick blade coating so it will never rust in the dishwasher, a clever plastic wrap cutter built into its handle, a soft rubber handle grip for control, and a protective sheath that lets you take your Oni in your bag to work or on picnics. Oni really is the only knife you need.

 Oni combines a razor-sharp Japanese stainless steel blade with a precision ground spreader, all coated in a dishwasher safe non-stick coating to ensure it never rusts. Whether you’re making a sandwich, cutting or spreading avocado, from start to finish Oni is the only knife you need.

Oni’s unique bird’s beak tip is not only great for piercing and opening packaging, but because the tip’s point is tangential to the spreading edge, Oni won’t tear up your bread when spreading like a pointed knife does. This clever detail also lets you scrape out plastic containers without scratching them.

Oni’s “rat tail” blade tang extends through its soft-grip rubber handle to give it strength and you control. There’s even a handy plastic wrap cutter built into the back of Oni’s handle makes light work of any cling film or wrap.

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